Our dear patient Mrs Ghandour

This is our dear patient, Mrs Ghandour (in the middle) and her dear husband, who are happy to share Mrs Ghandour´s story with our facebook friends and Review-Blog readers. Mrs Ghandour came to us two years ago with the diagnosis of metastatic ovarian cancer-a devastating diagnosis for so many of our female patients.

Prior to her first visit to our clinic, Mrs Ghandour lived the experience of surgery, chemotherapy and the complications that come with these treatments.

We are proud to say we found the optimal treatment strategy for Mrs Ghandour encompassing combined immunotherapeutic approaches leading to complete remission. And now -2 years later- Mrs Ghandour received her most recent PET scan results showing persistent complete remission!

We are so happy for you, Mrs Ghandour and hope you continue on this path!

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