Robert and his lovely wife at our Hallwang clinic

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See the happy couple Robert and his lovely wife at our Hallwang clinic, shortly after receiving the latest PET Scan results!

Robert was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2015 and came to our clinic for further treatment. After identification of treatment targets on his tumor cells, he was treated with combined immunotherapy, targeting his cancer cells. His most recent PET scan shows no evidence of active, hypermetabolic tumor anymore.

Robert still needs follow-up treatment, but we are so happy about these interim results!

Read about one of our patients in the Manchester news

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Many of our patients come to us because they were sent home with neither hope nor treatment options in their home countries. But our patients do not want to give up.

They travel far to get treatment, and we feel honored so many choose our clinic and achieve incredible results though personalised cancer immunotherapy, one of the most promising and novel treatments strategies in cancer medicine.

Specific diagnostic tests on tumor tissue and targeted, patient-tailored treatment approaches are still costly and unfortunately not covered by any insurance, especially compared to non-specific cancer treatments that have been around for many decades, but we are happy to see the impressive results these new immunotherapies produce.

Read here about one of our patients in the Manchester news – we are so happy we can help and are looking forward to meeting you back at the clinic!

Hallwang Clinic Review from Mark

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“I am 47 years of age, male, and had stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2006. I received a mastectomy, Chemotherapy and was on hormone treatment, Tamoxifen, for 5 years.

My cancer returned as stage 4 in 2014 and was in 14 of my lymph nodes and had metastasized to the lungs. My Oncologists in Australia could not offer me any new treatments and didn’t offer much hope, so I decided to make the trip to Germany due to their range of innovative, non-invasive treatments. They also have experience with male Breast Cancer unlike in Australia. I arrived at Hallwang Clinic July 2014, and stayed for just over 3 weeks.

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and personalized treatment I received. I had little, if no side effects and I found the doctors at Hallwang to always have my best interest at heart.

When I returned to Australia, I continued to eat healthily with my no sugar, no carbohydrates diet and incorporated organic food into my life. Hallwang clinic also supplied me with 3 months of treatment to take home. I knew at any time if I had any questions, I could contact the doctors there. I also continued with Infusions and Hyperthermia treatments at home.

My PET scan back in Australia, to my immense joy, has revealed that my cancer is now totally gone. I can only regard the treatment I received while at Hallwang Clinic as truly life saving.”

Thank you Mark!

The healthy and balanced diet at the Hallwang Clinic

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A healthy and balanced diet is key to a healthy lifestyle and supports our body in so many ways.

Here at the Hallwang clinic, all our meals are prepared from the freshest local produce, including fresh vegetables, superfoods and seasonal fruits. Our culinary staff is happy to cook according to your individual needs and preferences.

You will be delighted by the chef’s culinary creativity!

Elizabeth one of our lovely patients

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Dear Facebook friends and Review-Blog readers, in the last weeks we have been sharing stories of some of our patients with you.

We admire the strength and courage of our patients to share these intimate details with the world. Elizabeth, one of our lovely patients, wants to encourage other patients not to give up on life, even if others told you that there is nothing that can be done anymore.

Elizabeth arrived at our clinic with a private jet (air ambulance), as no airline would take her in her past condition. She was given little time left to live and the paramedics that accompanied her to our clinic wondered why we were receiving patients that were already dying.

Please look at her pictures from a couple of months ago and now, and let us share the joy and hope Elizabeth has brought to our clinic! She still needs treatment to fight her metastatic ovarian cancer, but she is on the right track!

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Georgina about her experience at the Hallwang Clinic

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A couple of weeks ago, we posted a testimonial by Georgina about her experience at the Hallwang Clinic where she was treated for metastatic colorectal cancer.

Many people approached us wanting to learn more about treatments offered and hear about our patient’s stories.

So what better way than to let the patient speak for herself? In this short video, Georgina will tell you about the odyssey she went through, from diagnosis to treatment and finally complete remission.

We are so happy for you, Georgina and the amazing success we achieved!

Our dear patient Mrs Ghandour

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This is our dear patient, Mrs Ghandour (in the middle) and her dear husband, who are happy to share Mrs Ghandour´s story with our facebook friends and Review-Blog readers. Mrs Ghandour came to us two years ago with the diagnosis of metastatic ovarian cancer-a devastating diagnosis for so many of our female patients.

Prior to her first visit to our clinic, Mrs Ghandour lived the experience of surgery, chemotherapy and the complications that come with these treatments.

We are proud to say we found the optimal treatment strategy for Mrs Ghandour encompassing combined immunotherapeutic approaches leading to complete remission. And now -2 years later- Mrs Ghandour received her most recent PET scan results showing persistent complete remission!

We are so happy for you, Mrs Ghandour and hope you continue on this path!

Benjamin Morlok working at the Hallwang Clinic

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Hello everyone,

my name is Benjamin Morlok. I started working at the Hallwang Clinic in January 2016.

My job is to help people during their time here and on their “healing journey” by means of conversations as well as emotional support. Besides the conversations I offer guided imagery (visualization), mindfulness awareness practices and arts such as drawing. According to numerous scientific studies side effects of cancer treatment decrease and immune function is boosted through many of the above approaches. This is why we have them here at the Hallwang Clinic as an optional part of our integrative treatment.

A little bit about my background: I was born in a suburb of Stuttgart, and live nearby in the city of Tübingen. I received my education in Psychology from universities in Göttingen, Germany and in Boulder, CO, USA.

Furthermore, I am trained in mindfulness and somatic psychology approaches, such as Somatic Experiencing (SE ©), and am actively deepening my experience in these.

I wish you good decisions on your healing journey and would love to see you here at the Hallwang Clinic.

Best wishes,
Benjamin Morlok