The Hallwang Clinic

Benjamin Morlok working at the Hallwang Clinic

Hello everyone,

my name is Benjamin Morlok. I started working at the Hallwang Clinic in January 2016.

My job is to help people during their time here and on their “healing journey” by means of conversations as well as emotional support. Besides the conversations I offer guided imagery (visualization), mindfulness awareness practices and arts such as drawing. According to numerous scientific studies side effects of cancer treatment decrease and immune function is boosted through many of the above approaches. This is why we have them here at the Hallwang Clinic as an optional part of our integrative treatment.

A little bit about my background: I was born in a suburb of Stuttgart, and live nearby in the city of Tübingen. I received my education in Psychology from universities in Göttingen, Germany and in Boulder, CO, USA.

Furthermore, I am trained in mindfulness and somatic psychology approaches, such as Somatic Experiencing (SE ©), and am actively deepening my experience in these.

I wish you good decisions on your healing journey and would love to see you here at the Hallwang Clinic.

Best wishes,
Benjamin Morlok

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