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Welcome to the Hallwang Clinic review blog. The Hallwang Clinic is a specialized private oncology clinic and is situated in the heart of the Black Forest nature park in Southern Germany. Our private oncology clinic offers the most advanced medical treatment concepts in the area of individualized precision-based and immuno-oncology cancer therapy. We take pride in the commitment of our oncology team to provide excellence in oncology with an excellent care to our patients and their families. Our medical team consists of an innovative interdisciplinary team of board certified and specialized oncologists, haematologists, internal medicine specialists, naturopaths, specialized psychologists and nurses, working in a collaborative university hospital and university institute network. Our board-certified oncologists have gained experience at well-known university institutes and university hospitals in Germany and world-wide, including the Center of Integrated Oncology of the University Hospital Cologne and the University Hospital Bonn (Germany), the Dana Farber Cancer Institute of the Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA), the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore (USA), the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (Australia) and other renowned cancer institutes. Furthermore, our specialized medical oncologists are members of the European Society for Medical Oncology, carrying the EMSO certificate of Oncology, and / or are members of the Germany Society of Haematology and Oncology. Many of our physicians have an intensive research and academic background in cancer medicine particularly Immuno-Oncology. Our medical oncology team follows the continuously updated international guidelines for cancer therapies.

Briefly summarized, our focus is on individualized treatment concepts that are based on individual information that we retrieve from a number of diagnostic tests that give us information on surface markers, individual mutations, amplifications, translocations, (…) presented by the patient’s tumor cells. Identification of these allows us to specifically target them through a broad range of therapeutic options. One has to look at the tumor itself to understand what targeted treatments a patient can benefit from. A treatment that might work for one patient, does not necessarily work for another patient, even though they have both the same type of cancer. One needs to discuss and evaluate for a multimodal treatment concept that considers all aspects of the patient’s disease and fits to his or her medical history and general condition.

Some of our patients are happy to share their experience in public. But please bear in mind that not everyone is open to share his/her experience in public. Furthermore, please don’t misunderstand reviews as an objective and complete treatment summary. In many cases, the patients use reviews or testimonials to express their gratitude to our team, as we have supported them in a very difficult situation, regardless of their treatment response. Patients naturally describe their cases in a way that would not meet objective criteria for a proper oncological evaluation, or do not reflect our oncology teams original feedback. We cannot always publish updates to the testimonials due to the medical confidentially and data protection law, and we are very much respecting the privacy of our patients, so we will not provide any further information on our own on the reviews below. So please note that the following reviews are original feedbacks from our patients that were published following our patients wishes:

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