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The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic team stands for excellence in medicine, advanced medical research background and high-standard medical care. To achieve best results possible, we focus on interdisciplinary medical collaborations worldwide. Today’s health challenges demand 21st century solutions: Targeted and patient-focused treatment strategies. The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic team is poised to discover, and design optimal solutions for all patients .

The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in the Northern Black Forest has 16 inpatient beds, 2 luxury suites, and 6 outpatient apartments. In the Hallwang Clinic, the majority of patients have haematological / oncological diseases. All patients are treated in an exquisite private oncological environment with an individualized treatment concept.

The focus of the clinic is on inpatient and outpatient care of international private patients. The range of diagnostic and therapeutic services extends to chronic, internal and oncological diseases. At the clinic, the individual-focused treatment and care of patients as part of a personalized and holistic treatment strategy is of utmost importance.

The aim of the Hallwang Clinic is to find the best treatment strategy for each individual patient and to not reject patients based on their past medical history or chronic illness. Patient-oriented individual treatment approaches form the core of the clinic. The task is to develop treatment strategies that best address the patients’ tumor cells with the aid of a broad range of diagnostics on tumor cells and tissue, so that patients can be treated with a targeted and personalized treatment.

The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic always respects the well-being of the patients in all its actions and treats each patient in a respectful and friendly environment.

The oncology team of the clinic is characterized by international research excellence and a science-oriented education. The Hallwang Clinic has put together an innovative interdisciplinary team of oncologists, internal medicine specialists, naturopaths, specialized psychologists and nurses, working in a collaborative university hospital and university institute network. The physicians have gained experience at well-known university institutes and university hospitals, including the Center of Integrated Oncology of the University Hospital Cologne and the University Hospital Bonn (Germany), the Dana Farber Cancer Institute of the Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA), the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore (USA), the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and other renowned cancer institutes (e.g.. National Cancer Institute Mexico). Furthermore, the specialized medical oncologists are members of the European Society for Medical Oncology, carrying the ESMO certificate of Oncology, and /or are members of the German Society of Hematology and Oncology. Many of the physicians have an intensive research and academic background in cancer medicine, particularly Immuno-Oncology. The team of the Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic strongly believes that a trustful doctor-patient relationship is also key to a successful treatment, and can assure you that combining most advanced treatments at the Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic with the experience of the oncology specialized medical board will provide you a comprehensive, personalized and multi-modal/disciplinary treatment approach.

The Hallwang Clinic highly esteems the trust it receives from patients, relatives and collaborative business partners every day. The clinic is fully aware of its role and responsibilities, and always strives for expertise, transparency and reliability.

Open communication, fairness and respectful interaction are very important at the clinic.

The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic team deals with cancer patients every day, so achieving best quality of life and having a zest for life play an important role in the daily work at the clinic. Patients always have the right to ask for the best. Therefore, the Hallwang Clinic always strives to do even more. This attitude defines the team at the clinic and is a fundamental part of their work.

Review-Blog of the Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in Dornstetten, Germany

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The Hallwang Clinic is situated in the lovely Black Forest of Southern Germany, and offers a range of personalised treatment strategies tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs as part of a comprehensive treatment program. The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic is one of the leading establishments in integrated cancer therapy.

The Hallwang Clinic is a private oncology clinic specialized in personalized treatment strategies, especially in cancer medicine. A special focus is immunotherapy. Treatment concepts are based on comprehensive and modern diagnostics.

To find out more about the Hallwang Clinic, anyone interested can contact the clinic itself:

Visit the Hallwang Clinic homepage, or please refer to its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to learn more about the clinic and their patients.

If you are interested to contact the Hallwang Clinic for a free consultation with its specialized oncology team, please find the contact details here:

Hallwang Clinic GmbH
Silberwaldstr. 34
72280 Dornstetten

phone: + 49 7443 964 24 0
fax: + 49 7443 964 24 99
email: info@hallwang-clinic.com
web: https://www.hallwang-clinic.com/en

Please note that due to the data protection law, we cannot provide any updates about past testimonials that have been published following our patients’ wishes. Furthermore, please don’t misunderstand the testimonials as an objective and complete treatment summary. In many cases, the patients use testimonials to express their gratitude to our team, as we have supported them in a very difficult situation, regardless of their treatment response. In case of a patient’s death, we cannot always publish this under the testimonial due to the data protection law. In case you are a patient or a legal representative and want to have a testimonial removed, please contact our administration: info@hallwang-clinic.com

Laurine, France

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Today we would like to share with you Laurine’s story. Laurine was diagnosed in 2015 with triple-negative breast cancer, and she has recently received amazing news. She has wrote it in her own words (French), so we have attached a “Google-Translate version” for you. We thank you so much for your kind words, and for sharing these!

En traitement depuis 5 ans pour un cancer du sein triple négatif métastasée essentiellement au poumon et médiastin , j’avais fait beaucoup de lignes de chimiothérapies sans résultat. Je perdais espoir devant le peu d’options thérapeuthiques qu’il me restait en France. J’ ai eu connaissance de l expérience de Françaises qui avaient obtenu d ‘excellents résultats grace à la clinique. Je suis entrée en contact avec elles pour mieux comprendre. Après avoir mis en place une cagnotte solidaire pour m’aider à financer le traitement à la carte proposée par la clinique Hallwang, je les ai contactees. En mars 2020, j’apprenais que ma maladie évoluait(5 nouveaux foyers cancéreux), j’étais dans un essai clinique qui a pris fin suite à cette progression du cancer. J ai décidé de partir vite dès avril 2020.Après 2 mois et demi de traitement personnalisé, mon tepscan révèle une réponse métabolique complète. Je ne réalise pas encore ce résultat extraordinaire qui j ‘espère va se poursuivre dans le temps. C’ est juste magique : ma 2eme vie commence!!!!Merci au staff et à l équipe médicale qui sont d ‘une extrême gentillesse….

Google-Translate version:
During the past 5 years of treatment for my triple-negative breast cancer, which has metastasized to the lung and mediastinum, I have received several lines of chemotherapy without results. I have lost faith in the few therapeutic options left for me in France. I have learned from the experience of French patients who have obtained excellent results thanks to the clinic (Hallwang Clinic). I got in touch with the clinic for more information. After having started a fund raising campaign to help finance the treatment offered by the Hallwang Clinic I contacted them. In March 2020 I learned that my cancer was progressing (5 new cancerous foci). I was part of a clinical trial which ended because of the progression. So I decided to leave short-termed in April 2020 (in order to start treatment at the Hallwang Clinic). After 2,5 months of personalized treatment my MRI shows a complete metabolic response. I still cannot believe this extraordinary result which I hope will continue. It is just magic. My second life begins. Thanks to the staff and medical team who are extremely kind.

Darta, Hodgkin’s lymphoma

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Darta, Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Darta, a patient at our clinic, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In this short video, Darta will tell you about the odyssey she went through, from diagnosis to treatment, and how she came across the Hallwang Clinic in February this year. We are happy that the last scan has shown that the treatments are working, which inspires us, and hopefully you as well, to consider and evaluate more patient-individualized treatment concepts for patients in need

Nathalie, Metastatic cervical cancer

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We would like to share with you Nathalie’s story. Nathalie was initially diagnosed with a fatigue syndrome until it was found out in August 2019 that in fact she suffers from metastatic cervical cancer. Nathalie wrote her story in her own words (in French), and we have attached a “Google-Translate version” for you. Nathalie, we thank you for your open and wonderful words, and are so happy that you have allowed us to share your story with our Facebook family!

French (original):
En août 2019 j’ai appris que ma grande fatigue était en fait un cancer du col de l’utérus malheureusement métastasé. Les soins officiels en vigueur en France pour ce cancer, chimio par Carboplatine/Taxol existent depuis trente à quarante ans, sans avoir évolué. Ils ne permettent pas de guérir. C’est la mort assurée entre un et deux ans.

Je le sais car je suis médecin. Mon oncologue français m’a proposé la chimio et expliqué le protocole mais sans m’annoncer quoique soit quant au pronostic.

Par une amie, j’ai entendu parler de la clinique Hallwang en Allemagne. Elle avait un cancer du sein triple négatif réfractaire à la chimio. Ce cancer est si agressif qu’elle a même métastasé sous chimio ! Malgré le fait qu’elle ait été déclarée « perdue » par son oncologue avec une durée de vie estimée à quelques semaines, elle est partie se faire soigner en Allemagne. Grâce au traitement de la clinique Hallwang, elle a été en rémission totale au bout de quatre mois et demi.Elle est toujours en rémission au jour d’aujourd’hui.

J’ai donc appelé la clinique. J’ai beaucoup apprécié la rapidité de la prise en charge et la clarté des explications. Contrairement au système de soins français où le patient est passif -le médecin explique mais le patient n’est pas vraiment écouté -, à la clinique Hallwang j’ai vraiment eu le sentiment de participer à la décision des soins et d’être entendue. Chaque patient a un traitement particulier adapté à son cas selon les dernières avancées médicales.

J’ai pu bénéficier rapidement dès le début octobre de soins « sur-mesure ». Au bout de deux mois, le petscan a montré une rémission quasi complète avec disparition de toutes les métastases.

Faute de financement, je n’ai pas pu continuer les soins à la clinique. La médecine française peine à prendre la suite bien que mon cas soit très prometteur puisqu’il réagit bien à l’immunothérapie. Il est très difficile d’être soigné en France dès lors que l’on « sort des cases » du protocole national rigide. Je ne suis malheureusement qu’un exemple parmi d’autres. Je remercie toute l’équipe de la clinique Hallwang pour leur accueil et spécialement le docteur Nolting pour sa compétence, son engagement, son enthousiasme et sa foi dans la médecine et dans l’humain.

Il m’a d’ores et déjà offert des mois de vie et une énergie retrouvée, ce qui est un cadeau inestimable.

English (translation):
In August 2019 I learned that my fatigue syndrome was actually unfortunately metastasized cervical cancer. The official treatments available in France for this cancer – chemo by Carboplatin / Taxol – have existed for thirty to forty years, without having evolved. They do not heal. It is death guaranteed between one and two years.

I know this because I am a doctor. My French oncologist offered me chemo and explained the protocol but without announcing anything about the prognosis.

Through a friend, I heard about the Hallwang clinic in Germany. She had chemo for her refractory triple negative breast cancer. This cancer is so aggressive that she even metastasized under chemo! Despite the fact that she was declared “lost” by her oncologist with an estimated lifespan of a few weeks, she went to Germany for treatment. Thanks to treatment at the Hallwang Clinic, she went into complete remission after four and a half months, and is still in remission today.

So I called the clinic. I really appreciated the speed of the treatment and the clarity of the explanations. Unlike the French healthcare system where the patient is passive – the doctor explains but the patient is not really listened to -, at the Hallwang clinic I really had the feeling of participating in the decision of care and being heard. Each patient has a specific treatment adapted to his/her case according to the latest medical advances.

I was able to quickly benefit from “tailor-made” treatments from the beginning of October. After two months, the PET-scan showed an almost complete remission with disappearance of all metastases.

Due to lack of funding, I could not continue the care at the clinic. French medicine is struggling to take over, although my case is very promising since it responds well to immunotherapy. It is very difficult to be treated in France as soon as you “get out of the huts” of the rigid national protocol. Unfortunately, I am just one example among many.

I would like to thank the whole team at Hallwang Clinic for their hospitality and especially Doctor Nolting for his competence, his commitment, his enthusiasm and his faith in medicine and in people.

He has already given me months of life and renewed energy, which is an invaluable gift.

Victoria – United States

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My name is Victoria and I’m from the US. I was originally diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer in August 2018 and subsequently rediagnosed with advanced breast cancer which had spread to my bones. lymph nodes and lungs in 2019.

My oncologist in the US did not offer much hope and recommended palliative care which had to be preceded by a major shoulder surgery (full shoulder replacement). She also encouraged me to enjoy what little time I had left with my seven year old daughter and family. I was more devastated after my visit with oncologist than after the diagnosis. I felt good overall and just could not accept such a pessimistic outlook.

I started researching my options. I strongly felt that I need to find a healing environment and a doctor I can trust. I spent days zooming in on the most promising treatment options and interviewing different clinics. It is truly overwhelming – one feels like navigating a maze in full darkness. So many things were at stake for me – my life, future of my family (including their financial well-being in case if I do not make it and spend all family savings on treatments not covered by insurance), etc.

After the first few minutes of talking to Dr. Nolting at Hallwang, I knew that I’ve found what I was looking for. There were no promises, no miracle claims, just a calm, confident and very knowledgeable discussion of my options. It was very clear to me that the aim of my treatment would be to do everything possible to heal me. I suddenly felt at peace. I decided right there and then that Hallwang is the best path for me. And I’m so happy I did!

Although it is too early to claim the full victory, I’m thrilled with the progress so far. Besides feeling great, my most recent CT scan showed impressive progress – many tumors shrank up to 70{bf333248dc5660de95f9061f149c301196a9bf1472b31ac9c4b75cd73817e14b}. I feel no shoulder pain, the arm mobility improved and my oncologist in the US agreed to wait on the surgery option. I’m confident that the surgery won’t be needed after all. This is quite incredible – if I did not go to Hallwang, I would have been in a bad situation now.

I’m truly grateful to Dr. Nolting and the clinic. The environment there is part of the healing process. Every single member of the team goes out of the way to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Administrative team is outstanding – speedy, professional and caring. I’m impressed with how they handle every request, every phone call and every issue. Nothing seems like a big deal to them. The medical and nursing team is in its own league! I never felt so loved and so relaxed at a clinic. And their professionalism is beyond impressive. I should also mention the food and catering staff. High quality, lovingly prepared and served – such a joy to go for every meal.”

John from Australia, HCC

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John, diagnosed with HCC, travelled all the way from Australia to us, and we would like to share with you his story:

“I was diagnosed with liver cancer (HCC) in March 2019. A large tumor on my right lobe and several on my left which had invaded the portal vein and was non recectable I was advised the only thing available was(SIRT) internal radiation beads to give me more time

2 weeks later I had the proceedure and I became very sick and lost weight dramatically. My wife Suzi and family began to do research for all options imunotheropey seemed the best option we happened to know a lady who had spent time in the hallwang clinic in Germany and six years later she was still clear of her breast and multiple secondary cancer. Australia had given her 4 mths to live. Although there wasn’t a lot of concrete results for HCC after speaking to Dr Nolting I was confident it was my only option i emediatly left for Germany.

On arrival I was greeted with warm caring staff and after a long consultation with Dr Nolting I began a combination theropy of IDO-Strategy, including anti-PD1 (nivolumab), as well as daily infusions for liver support. Over the next 3 weeks

My 59th birthday fell at the end of July and the kitchen chef baked me a cake and all the staff presented it I was very touched as I hadn’t said a word

Leaving at the start of August for home I felt more determined than ever that I was going to beat this I have been a fighter all my life and I saw this as my biggest challenge

Several weeks after returning I had an ultra sound and a MRI which showed no visible tumor although my liver was still not functioning well I followed up with a PET scan and it showed some mild activity still there

I knew I was having a win so I returned to hallwang for a further two weeks treatment in september on returning home I had organised to get anti-PD1

Here in sydney once a month after September my blood results started to improve dramatically The oncologists and specialist here are amazed although the treatment is a combination including vaccines NOT available here I know with the research I’ve done it wouldn’t have worked without the vaccine I returned to hallwang in Jan 2020

And welcomed like one of the family I can’t speak highly enough of them including the owner Albert. In my time there I seen miricals for people who had no hope including myself My liver function and tumor markers are now normal.

Hallwang is not for everyone as it is expensive but what price to you put on your or loved ones life?

I all along thought if they prolong my life it’s worth everything I have because without life we have nothing.

I’m looking forward to seeing the team at hallwang in July for a top up and a holiday.

John S.
QLD Australia”

John, thank you so much for sharing this with our Facebook family, and we are very much looking forward to seeing you soon!

S., breast cancer

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Here some encouraging results from one of our breast cancer patients. S. (wants to stay anonymous, but happy to share results) first arrived in our clinic in June last year, after having received the devastating diagnosis of left-sided breast cancer with lymph node metastases.

Her mother had just been successfully treated at our clinic for ovarian cancer (now in complete remission), so S. turned to us for help. Analysis of her tumor tissue revealed positivity for several treatment targets, so a multimodal treatment strategy including antibody treatment and further immunotherapy was initiated.

Already in October 2016, a tumor mass could not be identified anymore in the left breast and S. achieved a complete remission status. She now decided to undergo a breast-conserving surgical treatment with axillary lymphadenectomy and is doing great. We are so happy to share these amazing results!

Naumka F from Canada, Breast Cancer

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We would like to share with you another heart-warming and inspiring story from our clinic! This is Naumka and her husband Dr. Ronald F. from Canada. Naumka was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months ago. Now, in early January 2020 her “CT scan in Canada reported NO evidence of prior locations of cancer”. We are so happy for her and her family, congratulations!


From Hallwang patient Mrs. Naumka Nina F. with chaperoning husband Dr. Ronald F. – January 2020

18 months ago I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer in my country Canada. I was given no hope for recovery by Canadian oncologists. I am pleased to share my true story to encourage others to consider another opportunity for help.

When I was updating my devastating news in August 2018 with my Canadian dentist Dr. Leo Gonzalez he changed my dental appointment into a lengthy personal heartfelt consultation in which he suggested that I consider a private clinic in Germany. He was educated in Germany.

From that time my husband began extensive research and after he spoke twice by phone with Hallwang’s senior oncologist, Dr. Nolting and forwarded my file documentation, we met Dr. Nolting who patiently explained in extensive medical detail the meaning of the diagnosis and of proposed treatments. Everyone at Hallwang clinic since our first moment has been so warmly supportive and encouraging… we have truly become friends.

After the first 5 days in September 2018, my daily blood testing for tumor markers such as CA 15-3 confirmed improvements. When I expressed initially to Dr. Nolting how impressed I was with him, he modestly replied… “I am even more impressed with you.”

Throughout subsequent visits for further assessments and treatments, some of which were changed to different tests and treatments in response to ongoing response reports I met other patients from around the world whose true stories, some with very rare cancers all described being damaged from traditional treatments and being left no hope in their home countries. I now keep in contact with many of them worldwide via email as new friends. In early January 2020 my CT scan in Canada reported NO evidence of prior locations of cancer and I have no symptoms.

I have come to feel that Hallwang clinic is my second home. I wish to express my gratitude to Drs. Nolting, Zarouff, Muhe, Wronka, and every one of the competent comforting nurses and other health professionals on the team … everyone’s expertise and their results are equalled by their sincerity !

In my opinion the entire team deserves a Nobel Peace Prize… bringing not only renewed health to others, but also PEACE. The chefs and all kitchen staff make one’s stay at Hallwang a first-class experience to which we always look forward. My special mention to oncologist Dr. Nora Muhe who touched my heart by holding my hands together emphasizing “you are not sick.” With her unique caring and humble uplifting spirit she even invited me to go shopping. We noted from the beginning and have witnessed ever since starting the truth in Hallwang’s mottos.. “to do as much as possible conservatively and naturally, but as traditionally as necessary” and “you are unique, and your treatment will be unique.” Dr. Nolting prescribes various standard oncology tests and treatments, some FDA-approved that have been continued in Canada.

Nevertheless, the Hallwang clinic truly has its own irreplaceable UNIQUE diagnostic and therapeutic approaches that are not available anywhere else and that are essential to each person’s recovery to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, identify complex abnormalities, correct hormone imbalances and more. I also wish to thank my long time best Canadian medical physician Dr. Z. Rona for his big part in my journey before and since including my essential Hallwang clinic help. My honourable mention is for my son Dave whose consistent love and support reinforces my lifelong pride in calling him my son, a wonderful human being.… but it is not only for these reasons that I feel that I am the most fortunate person in the world… it is also that I am married to the best human being, my husband Ron whose tireless medical researching, consultations with physicians, and minute to minute support, encouragement and PARTNERSHIP, along with God’s guidance, has carried me on this successful journey.

I invite others in need to read the Hallwang clinic website and consider if this clinic’s approaches may be appropriate (www.hallwang-clinic.com). Their several oncologists are board-certified (in USA, Germany and the European Society of Medical Oncology) in each of the medical specialities of oncology, haematology and internal medicine.

In addition to their UNIQUE combination of superior educational accomplishments and their close relationships with other world top cancer researchers and specialists, the Hallwang clinic health professionals are first and foremost humane human beings. Another Hallwang motto : “A relationship based on TRUST between doctor and patient is just as important as the treatment itself.”