Hallwang Clinic Reviews

Victoria – United States

My name is Victoria and I’m from the US. I was originally diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer in August 2018 and subsequently rediagnosed with advanced breast cancer which had spread to my bones. lymph nodes and lungs in 2019.

My oncologist in the US did not offer much hope and recommended palliative care which had to be preceded by a major shoulder surgery (full shoulder replacement). She also encouraged me to enjoy what little time I had left with my seven year old daughter and family. I was more devastated after my visit with oncologist than after the diagnosis. I felt good overall and just could not accept such a pessimistic outlook.

I started researching my options. I strongly felt that I need to find a healing environment and a doctor I can trust. I spent days zooming in on the most promising treatment options and interviewing different clinics. It is truly overwhelming – one feels like navigating a maze in full darkness. So many things were at stake for me – my life, future of my family (including their financial well-being in case if I do not make it and spend all family savings on treatments not covered by insurance), etc.

After the first few minutes of talking to Dr. Nolting at Hallwang, I knew that I’ve found what I was looking for. There were no promises, no miracle claims, just a calm, confident and very knowledgeable discussion of my options. It was very clear to me that the aim of my treatment would be to do everything possible to heal me. I suddenly felt at peace. I decided right there and then that Hallwang is the best path for me. And I’m so happy I did!

Although it is too early to claim the full victory, I’m thrilled with the progress so far. Besides feeling great, my most recent CT scan showed impressive progress – many tumors shrank up to 70{987e737ef2de5b0b8a715b0bf2345bf197cd4792dce81c29180dd96bd2cf0086}. I feel no shoulder pain, the arm mobility improved and my oncologist in the US agreed to wait on the surgery option. I’m confident that the surgery won’t be needed after all. This is quite incredible – if I did not go to Hallwang, I would have been in a bad situation now.

I’m truly grateful to Dr. Nolting and the clinic. The environment there is part of the healing process. Every single member of the team goes out of the way to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Administrative team is outstanding – speedy, professional and caring. I’m impressed with how they handle every request, every phone call and every issue. Nothing seems like a big deal to them. The medical and nursing team is in its own league! I never felt so loved and so relaxed at a clinic. And their professionalism is beyond impressive. I should also mention the food and catering staff. High quality, lovingly prepared and served – such a joy to go for every meal.”